Pelican Feeding – Australian Bird

Pelican Feeding is one of the Central Coast’s most popular tourist attraction and operates every day at 3.30pm, come rain, hail or shine.

Pelican feeding attracts tens of thousands of families, where they get an entertaining and educated observation about the pelicans, bird and marine life and general information about the area.

Over twenty years ago, pelican feeding started accidentally by a local fish and chip shop. Staff would throw scraps to the pelicans and when they were late in throwing their scraps, the pelicans would cross the road and approach the shop to be fed.

One of the main objectives of the pelican feeding is to keep an eye on the pelican’s medical conditions including removing hooks and lines tangles up in their gullets, wings and other parts of their body. The feed is a chance for the co-ordinator to assess their well-being. It’s certainly an amusing show to come and see.

Approximately 1 or 2 birds a week are removed from the water and sometimes the outcome is bad for the injured birds but most times it’s just a simple extraction of a hook and they are on their way.

The Entrance has now been internationally recognized as ‘The Pelican Capital of Australia’. So when you visit The Entrance be sure to wander down to the pelican pavilion on the foreshore for an experience of a life time.


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