Masked Lapwing

Bird is also known as: Masked Lapwing, Masked Plover, formerly Spur-winged Plover (Vanellus miles) / Maskenkiebitz

The masked lapwings is a large, ground-dwelling bird that is closely related to Waders. They are manly white with brown wings and back, with a black crown. The birds also have a yellow wattle covering their face.

There are two subspecies living in Australia. The Southern subspecies are shown in the clip, has black behind its neck and on the sides of its chest and has a smaller wattle feature on its face. The northern bird is smaller in size without the black behind its neck or on the side of its chest.

The masked lapwings are commonly found throughout northern, central and eastern Australia. They are also found in Indonesia, New Guinea, New Caledonia and New Zealand.

They inhabit marshland, mudflats, beaches and grasslands; they are often seen in urban areas.  They usually feed on insects and their larva, including earthworms.

The masked lapwings many breed when the conditions are suitable and they are notorious for defending their nest, especially when the chicks have hatched. The adults are well known to dive on intruders or act injured to lure the intruders away from the nest.


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