Scientists believe wallaby’s could be your new best friend.

Dogs and cats could be a thing of the past, and exotic pets could be the next new trend. As researchers responded to a Dutch national animal welfare policy that took effect in 2013; aimed at a growing trend in the Netherlands of owning exotic pets.

A group of scientist led by Paul Koene from Wageningen University and Research centre, gathered information on 90 mammal species, excluding cats and dogs and production animals. There result included food, shelter and reproductive needs, and risks towards humans and other animals.

Though surprisingly wallabies and deer’s got the majority of the votes (study published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science) Koene said in his statement, he does not expect these animals to be seen walking around the Netherland on a leash anytime soon. “Dogs and cats are a special kind of pet,” adding: “Wallabies will certainly not replace them.”

Note: Bactrian camel and several small animals like voles and gerbils were excluded from the study.




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