Find a Joey? What to do?

Sadly, kangaroos and wallabies are hit by vehicles all the time. It is always worthwhile to stop in a safe place and check for live young.

How to rescue a joey?

  1. If you see an animal lying on the side of the road and if it is safe, consider checking the animal’s pouch as a joey may have survived. Joey can survive 6 – 48 hours after the mother has passed away.
  2. Call for help
    1. WIRES – 1300 094 737
    2. WILDLIFE ARC – 02 4325 0666
    3. Local Vet – Most vets will take wildlife free of charge.
  3. Remove any threat to the animal including keeping people and pets away from joey.
  4. If you do need to remove a joey from its mother’s pouch, stay calm and do so gently. If the joey is firmly attached to its mother’s teat, place your fingers on either side of the joey’s mouth and very slow and carefully slide the teat out.
  5. Gently wrap the animal in a clean shirt / towel / pillow case, and place the joey in a warm, dark, quiet place.
  6. Do not give the animal any food or water unless instructed by vet or wildlife rescue organisation. The wrong type of food and liquids could be fatal, as joeys require special feeding methods, food, and liquids.



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