Scientists believe wallaby’s could be your new best friend.

Dogs and cats could be a thing of the past, and exotic pets could be the next new trend. As researchers responded to a Dutch national animal welfare policy that took effect in 2013; aimed at a growing trend in the Netherlands of owning exotic pets. A group of scientist led by Paul Koene from Wageningen University […]

Extremely rare blue and brown eyed koala hit by a car

This unique female koala was hit by a car in Queensland, north of Brisbane. It was taken to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital on the Sunshine Coast about a month ago. Apart from being extremely lucky avoiding any major injuries she is incredibility unique. Containing an extremely rare genetic makeup of two different coloured eyes, it’s […]

Masked Lapwing

Bird is also known as: Masked Lapwing, Masked Plover, formerly Spur-winged Plover (Vanellus miles) / Maskenkiebitz The masked lapwings is a large, ground-dwelling bird that is closely related to Waders. They are manly white with brown wings and back, with a black crown. The birds also have a yellow wattle covering their face. There are […]

Dumaresq Dam – NSW Australia

Dumaresq Dam is situated 6km past the University of New England in Armidale NSW. Dumaresq Dam was built in 1898 and was Armidale’s water supply until 1968. It is now set aside as a recreational reserve. A peaceful and relaxing place for fishing, bird watching, canoeing and there is a 2.5km walking track through eucalyptus […]

Terrigal – Australian Beach

Terrigal is a beautiful place and is part of the Central Coast NSW. It comprises of Terrigal beach, Terrigal Lagoon and Skillion. Lined with beautiful Norfolk Island Pines, Terrigal beach is a popular holiday spot and it is perfect for surfing, swimming, boating, water skiing, and fishing. Adjacent to the beach Terrigal lagoon is a […]

Australia Magpie – Australian Bird

The Australian Magpie is a black and white bird. According to experts it is a large species of butcher bird, and is well known for its pleasant songs and the tendency to swoop people during spring. It is a common species that is found throughout Australia including Tasmania. They can be found in most areas […]