Tamworth – Country Music Capital

Tamworth is known as Australian Country Music Capital. It conducts festivals every January and if you are a country music fan, than you must see the golden guitar. Due to the agricultural industry Tamworth is also known as the food and wine hub, showcasing the taste of Tamworth festival in April. Presenting the region’s top […]

Lichen – Algae or Cyanobacteria

Lichen is not a single organism rather a symbiosis of biological species that live together. Lichen comes in many colours shapes and sizes. When growing on plants, they do not live on the plant as a parasite but use the plant as a substrate. When growing on rocks, scientist believes that the lichen breaks down […]

Willy Wagtail – Australian Bird

Willy Wag Tails are one of the largest and well known fantail birds in Australia. They are black in colour with a white belly, eyebrows and whisker marks. The wag tail name stems from the constant wagging of the tail. They are found throughout Australia except for Tasmania. And they are also found in New […]

Dangar Falls NSW Australia

Dangar Falls is situated on the Northern Tablelands of the Oxley Wild River National Park. It is an absolutely beautiful place and if you are traveling along the waterfall way it is the perfect place to stop and relax. To either have a picnic or even a barbecue or even just to gaze upon the […]

Sand Bubbler Crab – Australian Beach

Sand Bubbler Crabs are these small crabs that live on sandy beaches of east coast Australia. Sometimes you will see them scattering through the sand, but only a centimeter cross, these little guys feed at low tide. They feed by putting sand grains in their mouth and filtering out the micro fauna. They disperse the […]

Avoca Beach – Australian Beach

Avoca Beach is a dog friendly beach so if you want to bring your pet along for a swim or a run consider taking your family to Avoca beach. There are places where you can relax, meet other dogs and even catch a fish. If you’re in Sydney and you’re looking for a place to […]