Garden Orb Weaver Spider – Australian Spider

The Garden Orb Weaver Spiders are a large group of spiders with over 100 known species within Australia. They are a reddish-brown or grey spider with a leaf shape pattern on their triangular abdomen. On their abdomen they also have two noticeable humps towards the front. The Orb Weaver Spider makes sticky, wheel-shape orb webs […]

Swift-footed Crab – Australian Beach Crab

The Swift-footed Crab comes in a variety of colours, although they are usually dark olive-green or dark purple with lighter flecks on the upper surface. The large front claws are purple and white and they can grow up to 8 cm wide. They are active creatures scurrying and darting quickly among the rocks. They usually […]

Eastern Water Skink – Australian Reptile

The eastern water skink is a relatively large skink, some specimens reaching nearly 30cm in length. They are fast, active, streamlined lizards which are recognised by their shiny scales and beautiful green-gold colour on the back. The sides are black with small white spots, while the underside is white or pale grey. Adults defend a […]

Striped Marsh Frog – Australian Native Frog

One of the most common frogs of the eastern coast of Australia, the Striped Marsh Frog is found from northern Queensland to Tasmania. The Striped Marsh Frog is predominantly a pond-dweller but nearly any kind of water will do, including fish ponds and polluted ditches. It is an adaptable frog and often encountered in urban […]

Japanese Koi – Fish

The word Koi is commonly mistaken as Japanese, but rather than Chinese. The Japanese call their fish Nishikigo meaning coloured Koi. The fish symbolizes strength, good luck and prosperity in Japan. The average Koi can grow between 60 – 90 cm in long. However, exceptional fish can grow up to one meter. In japan these […]

Eastern Water Dragon – Australian Reptile

The eastern water dragon grows around 80-90cm in length, much of it which is tail. Their colour consists of shades of greys or brown with a series of black bands on its back and tail and a black strip that runs across its head behind its eye. On the underside is a creamy-white, although the […]