Sulphur Crested Cockatoo – Australian Bird

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is one of the most popular and iconic birds in Australia. They can live up to eighty years in captivity. Being a large white parrot, with a dark grey-black bill, a distinctive sulphur-yellow crest and yellow wash on the underside of its wings. The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo can be found throughout the […]

Hairy Flower Wasp – Australian Wasp

The Hairy Flower Wasp is native to Australia and is found in most parts of Australia. They can be identified by their purple-bluish shinny wings, black body and short antennae. The adult Hairy Flower Wasp often feeds on nectar. They are often seen flying just above ground level around compost heaps, wood heaps and decaying […]

Daddy Long Legs Spider – Australian Spider

The Daddy Long Legs spiders is feeding on a primantis insect. The Daddy-long-legs spider is easily recognized by their extremely long skinny legs and small body. They are cream to pale brown and some species have a darker marking on their legs and abdomen. The Daddy-long-legs Spider is found throughout Australia. The species originated from […]

St. Andrew Cross Spider – Australian Spider

The St. Andrew’s Cross Spider are named for their unique web decorations. The zig-zag ribbons of bluish-white silk forms a full or partial cross through the center of the orb web. Females have a silvery carapace and a silver, yellow, red and black banded upper abdomen with two longitudinal yellow stripes below. The spider sits […]

Quad Biking – Australia Beach

The Worimi Conservation Lands (Stockton Bight Sand Dunes) cover 4,200 hectares… 1,800 of which are forest as well as 32kms of the longest moving sand dunes in the southern hemisphere. These truly inspiring dunes reach heights of over 30 meters with slopes up to 60 degrees to form a majestic alien-like moonscape – a much […]

Common Yabby (Crayfish, Crawfish) Yabby Farming, Yabbying Australia

Yabbies are found in much of central and western NSW, south western Queensland, the majority of Victoria and the eastern part of South Australia. They inhabit freshwater creeks, rivers, lakes, farm dams, swamps, floodplains and irrigation channels. They prefer to occupy turbid shallow water that is slow flowing or still. They can be found at […]