Australian Pelican Birds

Being highly mobile, the Australian pelican searches for suitable areas of water and adequate food supply. Incapable of sustaining flapping flight, the Australian pelican can remain in the air for 24 hours, they are excellent soarers and can research an air speed of up to 56km/hr Pelicans manly eat fish, but they are also opportunistic […]

Rainbow Lorikeet Parrots

Rainbow Lorikeet is a species of parrot found in Australia, it is one of the most beautiful and friendliest birds you can find. They predominately inhabit rain forest, coastal bush land, wood land areas and urban areas. Rainbow Lorikeet many feed on fruits, pollen and nectar they also eat crops such as apples, grapes and […]

Welcome to Wildlife Walk

Welcome to Wildlife Walk. This website was out together to store information on different types of animals and plants that we see during our travels. Here you can find blogs including short videos, descriptions and discussions of different kinds of animals and plants and, the different nature environments. Save Save Save Save

Chifley – Jenolan Cave – Blue Mountains

Chifley cave is a treasure trove of amazing sights and surprises, featuring large chambers, many richly draped in colourful limestone crystal. Chifley displays all the stunning limestone formations for which Jenolan is famous for, including delicate straws. One of Jenolan’s best examples of exquisite ‘spar’ crystal can be seen in the Chifley. One of the […]

Blue Bottle Jellyfish

Blue Bottle Jellyfish also known as Pacific Man o’War are commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions. It uses its gas-filled bladder to stay afloat. Winds, currents and tides carries the animal across the open water, and strong winds can drive them into bays or on beaches The gas-filled bladder holds 3 different types of […]