Dingo are declared as separate species

Dingoes (Canis dingo) are recognised as not descended from dogs or wolves. In March 2014 an international team of scientists, including a conservation biologist Dr Mike Letnic from University of New South Wales in Sydney, established a detailed physical description of the pure-breed dingoes. The description contained 69 forensic specimens predating 1900’s; before domestic dogs […]

Scientists believe wallaby’s could be your new best friend.

Dogs and cats could be a thing of the past, and exotic pets could be the next new trend. As researchers responded to a Dutch national animal welfare policy that took effect in 2013; aimed at a growing trend in the Netherlands of owning exotic pets. A group of scientist led by Paul Koene from Wageningen University […]

Extremely rare blue and brown eyed koala hit by a car

This unique female koala was hit by a car in Queensland, north of Brisbane. It was taken to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital on the Sunshine Coast about a month ago. Apart from being extremely lucky avoiding any major injuries she is incredibility unique. Containing an extremely rare genetic makeup of two different coloured eyes, it’s […]